The future of solar is at sea !

We bring together the best off-shore floating technologies and solar PV technologies to ship solar at sea


Our lightweight structure, optimized operations and maintenance keep CAPEX minimal and a low LCOE.


Eco-conceived, recyclabe at more than 90%.
We have minimal impact on ecosystems.

Long lasting

High air gap and high buoyancy preserve solar panels and maximize their durability and production.

Easy construction

The units of our solar farms are easy to assemble and deploy. We keep marine operations to the minimum.

We fit everywhere, even between wind turbines

Our modular technology helps decarbonizing energy consumptions in all marine environments, at cost.

Ports and Harbours

Close to port and coastal industries, our decarbonized electricity helps acheiving net-zero and decarbonizing the blue economy.


Where land is scarce and when minimal visual impact is required, we provide the right way to lower electricity costs and CO2 emissions

Offshore wind colocation

The combination of solar and wind productions triggers synergies and cost savings on cables and sub-stations, while easing integration into the grid.

Large scale offshore solar farm

We are ready to bring offshore solar PV at scale with large standalone deployments. Our technology is ready to scale up to 1GW.

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Why bringing solar PV offshore ?

No land-use competition

We use a tiny portion of the vast maritime domain to bring solar PV at scale

Modular & Scalable

Interconnecting our floating solar units is easy. We scale up to 1GW.

Predictable production

Production at sea is the same as onshore


Solar PV is the cheapest renewable energy onshore, soon it will be offshore too !


Floating offshore solar does not require complex marine operations. In colocation with offshore wind, cable and substations are shared

No visual impact

At 3km distance from the shore, our solar farms are invisible.

Meet our top-notch
Floating Solar Unit (FSU)

  • Truss lightweight structure
  • Innovative linkage
  • Low environmental impact PEHD floaters
  • High air gap

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You are a private organisation or a public institution and you are interested by our technology ? You wish to join our team to take part in the fight against climate change ?